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C Pennington

Lecture 3 Jan 24-11 Wednesday Jan 26 film @ sy, film analysis due Monday Jan 31 The Borden Era and the First World War, 1911-1920 Sir Robert Borden (1854-1937) - Election of 1911, defeats Laurier - Intelligent, successful, hardworking Nova Scotian lawyer - Well regarded by the conservative party - Conservative party leader, 1901-20 - Did not govern by consensus - Prime Minister of Canada 1911-20 unprepared for the outbreak of war in 1914 - Never really liked politics, did it because he felt obligated not particularly good at it Outbreak of the First World War, July 1914 - Triple alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy - Triple entente: France, Britain, Russia (governed by Czar) - Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary killed by Serbian nationalist o Ultimatum to Serbia, ordered them to surrender their sovereignty to them o Caved into ultimatum but wanted to spread and expand, backed up by Germany had a big brother in Russia (had alliance with France) o If Russia declares war on A-H, France would be dragged into the war as well as Britain (alliance with France) - Germanys Schlieffen Plan o Prepared Germany for war in two different fronts: France in west, Russia in east o Use all their forces to crush into France in a week, then meet the Russians (notoriously slow spreading their arms force out) o Continue to inch towards war Canada at the start of the war - Canada had nothing to do with the war, not affected by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand
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