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Dan Azoulay

Catalysts, Serbian, austral-hungarian, john teahan, ross rifle, the somme, trench raids, claustrophobic, shell shock, lingbergh, AWOL, ypres, flanders, vimy ridge, prohibition, patriotic fund, enlistments, race regeneration, Lusitania, hun, Bolshevik, voluntarist, laissez- faire, war measures act, hughes, CNR, welfare states, reg. 17, unionist, altruistic, saboteurs, flavelle, imb (imperial munitions board) Dmade soldiers more antiatheriam War experience made them lose faith and respect for the politicians, teachers, etc Resentful of the promises made Bitter memories of the incompetence Sentence conrads to firing ranges Officers that received privileges only because of their class or political connections Menw ere sometimes shot by their own men during battle Distrust to authority, carried over to 1990s Not just veterans, but a lot of Canadians Widespread disillusionment Government as positive? Anger arose War fostered 3 attitudes Had important social repercussions Nationalism (positive social repercussion ) Tremendous sacrifices made during war And triumphs Allusive sense of national identity Nationhood Idealism and patriotic spirit (positive repercussions primarily in the social reform) Wctu have been trying to stop liquor trade Sudden surge in pulic support Movement for womens suffrage Movement, but with very little success During war, they said they should be able to vote, because they contributed to the war also Also hypocritical to not give rights to half the population, but say that theyre fighting for rights and privileges Women in all provinces except quebec were able to vote Ww1; because it created an atmosphere to create idealism and positive acts it started the movement toward social reforms Super patriotism; not the same as nationalism, it is a feeling of a total commitment to canadas cause combined with a strong intolerance to those who are not similarly committed Repercussions are mixed Positive; spirit led to a mass of voluntary ef
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