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Steven Rockel

Colonial Conquest 1 Map Quiz: Study colonies, countries, major lakes, rivers, and capital cities Key Words  Lenin  Darwin  Samori Toure  Tippu Tip  Qunine  Tirailleurs  Schutztrupe  Assante  Kumase  Dakar  Niger river  King leopold II  Henry  Morton Stanley de Brazza  Bismarck  Royal Niger Company  Ja Ja  Sokoto Caliphate Why? Economic and Strategic Motives - Expansion of industrial capitalism: desire for markets and raw materials: finance capitalism looking for new investments - Imperial rivalries: strategic and economic - Rise of African entrepreneurs and middle men via “legitimate trade”—desire to cut them out Why? Climate of Imperialism: - The missionary and anti-slavery movements - Rise of nationalist and militarist ideas - Theories of scientific racism and social Darwinism - Germany looking for “a place in the sun.” - French rely on nuclear power Only Liberia and Ethiopia were independent countries that were not colonized First time, empire of industrial powers Colonial Conquest 2 - How? Tools of Empire - Communications: steamships; railways; telegraph - Weaponry: repeating rifles; machine guns - Scientific knowledge; exploration: geography; botany; medicine (quinine) - How? Financing “empire on the cheap” - Chartered companies (Royal Niger Company, British South Africa Company, Deutsch Ost-Africa Gesellschaft, etc) - Alliance with African allies (e.g. Fante in Gold Coast; Creole in Sierra Leone) - Use of African Soldiers: cheap good fighters; had no loyalty to societies where they fought - Samori Toure and Tippu Tip were made possible to a significant degree because of the goods they had control over - Slavery was s
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