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Steven Rockel

Resistance of Rebellion in South Africa- Thursday March 7, 2013  Resitance before 1948  The Block Elite and African nationalism  Chiefdons ethnicity and rural protest  The Bambatha Rebellion  Popular Struggles in the 1920’s  The 1950’s The Defiance Campaign and the Freedom Charter  Block Consciousness and the Soweto Uprising  Resistance in many parts of Africa was 10, 20, 30 years. In South Africa it was much more longer because they had a lot to deal with.  African Resistance was continuous. Took many forms. Problem for Black people in South Africa was that for a long time, the various types of resistance were localized.  Relatively easy to defeat because they were localized and not unified resistance movements. th  In the 19 century, there was no overarching African identity. People were identified by their locality, chiefs.  In the first half of the 20 century, before African nationalist party introduced apartheid and cam into power.  Three kinds of resistance before 1948:  First, response of Black Elite educated and westernized black Elite.  Secondly, emergence of heightened ethnic identity around chiefs in rural areas. Then, most Africans lived in rural areas.  Thirdly, beginnings of mass popular movements. Particularly 1930s, involved migrant workers and peasants. South African economies rested on much mining and agriculture. The major form was the mine. Diamond mines and old mines. In mining and agriculture, workers were migrant workers.  The 1920s however there were mass protests by migrant and peasant workers.  Most important manifestation resistance was the industrial commercialized union. Was a political movement.  Origins of African Nationalism  Solomon Plaatje: African Elite  Membe
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