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GASB58 Class 5 February 9 2012NDTAIPING REBELLION 2 OPIUM WAR SELFSTRENGTHENING MOVEMENT SINOJAPANESE WAR TAIPING REBELLION 18501864Simultaneous movement in Korea and other parts of the colonial world st One factor that lead to the Taiping Rebellion would be the aftermath of the 1 opium warLeader Hong Xiuquanhad a dream about God and Jesus Christ believed that he was the brother of Jesus Christ believed that he should overthrow the demons the ManchusJan 11 1851 Uprising in Jintian of Guangxi province Founded Taiping Tianguo Heavenly Kingdom of Great PeaceSept 1851 Captured Yongan and established a collective leadership and military organizationApril 1852 Marched North in Dec 1852 entered the City of Yuezhou captured Hankou in Dec 1852 and Wuchang in Jan 1853 Anqing in Feb 1853 and Nanjing in March 1853 Made the capital of the Taiping Kingdom The forces amounted to 2 MillionMay 1853 and 1856 Won a series of victories and took control of a huge chunk of Jiangsu Anhui Henan Shanxi Zhili Hubei Hunan Jiangxi In Sept 1853 reached almost Beijing and in 1856 defeated the Qing troops on both sides of the Yangzi riverWith help of Han Chinese scholar officials helped Qin forces to develop more effective strategies questionable whether Qing could have won if Han Chinese officials didnt helpLater Stage 18561864 internal power struggle and setbacks Later StagePower struggle Easter King Yang Xiuqing Northern King Wei Changhui Flying King Shi Dakai Revival in 185762 Loyalty King Li Xiucheng Bravery King Chen Yucheng Shield King Hong Rengan 1859Last Stage 186264 July 1864 fall of Nanjing Reasons for DefeatSplit of leadershipWestern assistance in the suppression Ever Victorious ArmyFailed to exploit the AntiManchu sentimentsEstranged the Han Chinese Confucian scholars and gentrylocal militia and mercenary Zeng GuofanHunan Xiang Army Li Hongzhangs Anhui Huai armyNo effective coordination with other rebel forces Nian rebels in the North and the Red Turbans in the South Assessment of its Historical ImpactSome radical proposals like Puritan asceticismprohibited prostitution gambling use of opium and alcohol and restrained sexual relationsInspired by Christian doctrines but with a Chinese twistHailed as revolutionary in their land reform and social structureHuge cost of resources and human lives 2030 MillionHONG XIUQUAN 18141864Leader1836 Good Words for Exhorting the Age1837 Sick and Delirium1843 Realization184450 Preaching with Feng Yunshan in Guangxi and Guangdong founding the Society of God WorshippersSECOND OPIUM WAR 18561860 BackgroundPost 1842 SinoBritish Relations disputes Opium trade access to CantonUnsatisfactory British Trade with ChinaTreaty Revision The Arrow Incident Oct1856A Chinese operatedowned boat involved in piracy with a British vagabond as the nominal captain registered in HK but expired in Sept
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