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Michael Gervers

Hist60 Background info Brutus was one of cesars mistresses sons “Et tu brutus” agustus cesar was your title if you were “running the show” Hadrian built the wall across northern England He was emporer from 117-138 Augustus would be the RULING emperor and cesar would be given to the next AUIR to the throne. By the end of the 3 cent the empire had been compromised. Persian border pressure. Dyoclecian, a military man, had the Obama problem of being voted into a poor economy. He was counting on manufacters to keep the econ going EAST and WEST were well embedded in the western world in terms of deciding where an area was. Everyone spoke latin TREATY OF BRINDISIUM They needed commands for each of the 4 territories. EAST WEST AFRICAN AND ITALIAN EMPIRE As a result of the uprising of the barbarians in gull, and further threats from dramatic peoples. Licinius was captured and defeated at Nicomedia in 324 The placement of the roman empire changes with constantines rule. The bishop of rome is most significant and his prestige came from the early church and his close association with the CITY that had dominated most of the western world. Also his particular reverence with the martgred peter and paul. The bishop of rome kept alive the center of rule He at least acted nominally on behalf of the _____ The pope has the best form of access for communication to the emperor CHURCH Society and christiandom were one and the same due to their ultimate goals and things like how when the second coming (judgement) of everyone were to happen it would be the church in charge, not the king or people. Secular government did not have a role in society. Imperial interference Imperial authority was not extinguished until the 8 century. Because there was another group called the lombards. They encroached on rome and the bishop of, could not count on the distant emporer for military support. He made a big move by turning to assistance to the KING OF FRANCE. When the pope turns to the king of francs, they were well involved in Christianity from the year 15
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