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Lecture 2

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Michael Gervers

Lecture 2 May 15 2014fadislibraryutorontovafor class slides stthBoethius1 quarter of 6 centuryKings need a well peopled landneeds men of warprayerworkoWarnobility and king to be a successful political leader had to be a successful military leaderex ConstantineCharles MartelFrankish Not a king actually a mayor but had tons of power His son Peppin became the first acknowledged Carolingian king of the FranksPeppins son was Charlemagne was Europes first Holy Roman Emperor December 5 800Holy represented the fact that he was crowned by the Pope in Romeso the Pope created this roleThe Church needed military support so they needed Charlemagne The Lombards were busy attacking Papal lands and before this the Church had no military to defend themselvesThe title was also kind of a reward for conquering the Lombards beforeCharlemagne spends his rule trying to conquer Pagan forcesCharlemagnes sort of eraMountains are an issue Very hard to get around ththIn late 9 and the 10 century new bonds began to develop between lords and vassals King was technically considered the top lord and all of his nobility were vassalsPeasants were not vassals they were just sort of a support systemPeacecontrol of vassalsChurch began emphasizing the role of religion in being a king
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