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Michael Gervers

Lecture 4 The Spread of Islam May 29 2014Politically military contracts trade missionary works economic contractsThe Prophet and the Revelation of the QuranCareer of prophet Mohammed around 610 CEGot message from the angel GabrieloTried to preach message in Mecca but it didnt really work out The merchants controlled the town and they didnt want to listenMecca was ruled by merchant oligarchythere were several cults of different gods and goddessesMeccans began persecuting the Muslim convertsoSome were persecuted more than othersdepending on what tribe they belonged tooPoorer converts and slaves were most harshly punishedoThe Prophet himself was not really punished because he was Persecution lead to Prophet moving his followers to Yathrib modern day Medina 622 CE oHe sent some of his followers to modern day Ethiopiaa Christian kingdom The king gave the protectionled to alliance 614615 CEThe Beginnings of ExpansionBattle of Uhud and Battle of BadrOver the next 10 years series of battles were fought against the Meccans and their allies and the Jewish tribesConquest of Mecca in 630 Prophet died in 632Before his death he was able to make a lot of treatiesoA lot of tribes reneged on the treaties Once the Prophet died they belived the treaties were doneAt the time of his death the whole of Arabia was not yet under the Islamic beliefPolitical leader lawgiver judgeRiddah Wars
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