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Michael Gervers

Lecture 5 June 5 2014Investiture Who invests a bishop withy his post Who has the final authority to give this positionChurch or StateThis bipartism led to the difference between western Europe and the rest of the worldIn England archbishop of Canterbury crowns the monarchKind of dates back to 800 andthe crowning of CharlemagneHenry VIII ended up separating from Rome and founding Protestantism Napoleon tried to not get caught up in this issueso he crowned himself Pope Gelasius I wrote a letter to Anastasius I Byzantine Emperor that there are 2 powers by which this world is governed in chief the state and the ChurchPriests must be subject to state laws that affect themThe kings have to listen to the priests about things that are relevant to the soulThe Christian community was a single body and the head of the Church was Jesus ChristGelasius said that a greater burden was placed on prieststhey had defend all men to God even kingsin charge of soulsBody was another mattertemporaloAuthority over both was derived from God He was responsible for all acts of mankind giving him divine power over Church and StateKingship had been created by chosen peopleso Christ had recognized authorityChrist founded his church on PeterHe was the foremost of the 12 apostlesChrist had given him the power of doing and undoing all things in heavenIn Catholic faith the Pope is the spokesperson of Godthey were Peters successorsPopes recognized the divine origin of central power However a ruler must be a righteous and just individualWritten down by St Augustan in his book The City of God
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