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Lecture 6

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Michael Gervers

Lecture 6 June 12 2014Normans started as invaders of Western Europe around the 790sDid not have a name when they first arrivedCame from ScandinaviaWhyoPoor soil in homelandoDisagreements between chiefsoAdventureoMaybe they heard that Europe did not have good defensesNormanNorth ManSwedenSwedes created trade routesBaltic Sea and Caspian SeaQuarter million of Arabic and Byzantine coin has been found in Sweden evidence of tradeTo get to the Middle East the Swedish had to go across the Slavic areaoSlavs called the Swedes Rus redheadthMid9 century the Scandinavian Rus found Novgrod and controlled the local Slavic populationthFrom the end of the 9 century it was the beginning of a Swedish state in the Dneiper river basinRussia is due to the Swedish colonizersThe Swedes took over the Slavic area and treated the Slavs as their subjectsDanesNorwegians Scandinavian Danes and Norwegians went to the West There were trade states there but agricultural statesWere pirates and pillagersVikingsNorwegians discovered Iceland in 874 They colonized that and then set out for North AmericathDuring the 9 century the Danes and Norwegians raided Britian Ireland and the Frankish states From Britan they attacked Portugal and Spain
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