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Lecture 11

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Michael Gervers

Lecture 11 July 31 2014Ports were usually found around rivers or the seas However very few ports near the Atlantic oceanwas very scary people dont want to go where they cant see landTransportation by ship was cheaper than transportation by land But also way more dangerousTowns began appearing more oftenusually around where markets had once existedPopulation grew rapidlyCirculation of money being perfectedNew sorts of credit encouraged capital growththBy early 14 century growth was recedingConservation not creationFlanders cloth industrymaintained prosperity without much increaseby the middle thof the 14 century no longer trueLed to having largest population in the northern part of EuropeEnglandwas exporting wool to FlandersoIn 1337 100 Years War began and wool was no longer exportedItaly banking and banking systemsThese all mostly fell into bankruptcy King of England could not pay his debtsDecline of Champagne fairsththBegan in 1213 centuriesBrought together trade from the North and SouthLed to creation of elaborate Gothic churchesPopulation declineStabilizationPopulation had reached maximum size that the food grown in the land could provide forFamine 13151317Caused by heavy rainfalls during planting and harvesting times
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