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lecture 3

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Fashoda crisisaffair - divides Africa between the British and the French - informal agreement that they wont poach on each others territory - expands World War One - Political and Social Revolution - the experience that makes Europe European 1. why did war break out in July 1914 - short term causes: assassination in Sarajevo - longer term causes: Entangling Alliances, nationalism and national rivalries, cultural anticipation for war 2. the course of war: how did a war that was supposed to last four months last four years ? - Schlieffen Plan and the Battle of the Marne - trench warfare: Verdun and the Battle of the Somme (1916) - 1917 - a pivotal year 1. Mutinies 2. exit of Russia 3. entry of the United States 3. what was the impact of the war on the 20 thcentury? - Treaty of Versailles: mutilated peace and the stab in the back - total war - mobilization of the home front, extension of state planning, militarization of politics - invention of the minority - cultural legacy of trauma and uncertainty - July 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip (member of the Black Hand - extreme nationalist organization, to unify Serbs under the governance of their own, pan-Serbism) -- killed archduke - uncertain borders - between late 1870s to 1913, borders are constantly changing - nationalism - pan-Serb & national prestige (
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