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HISB93H3 Professor Dowler Fall 2009 Lecture Note

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Wayne Dowler

Oct 13 N The princes said they were descendents of the Khans to justify their authority is Muscovy N the princes had to deal with administrative and ideological issues N Ivan III wanted to unite the land and centralize power N The sudden expansion required the transformation of the existing administration N The existing apparatus was inadequate N Ivan was forced to handout land to boyars and put them in charge of the administration of the land they occupied N He realized that this would cause trouble because he believed boyars would become entrenched N So he divided the country in appendages (udely) which his sons or brothers would be in charge of N At the beginning, Ivan was forced to parcel out his power (he had to give it to others who may contest his power) N Neither ivan or his son were willing to have their power be dispersed N They constructed a larger and central bureaucratic apparatus (trained people to administer those properties but depend on Ivan) N Chancery (beginning of modern day administrative) were created (had geographical base, ruled over a particular area) N Ivan and Vasilii gradually took back these chancery and excluded the previous owners from functions so they could not compete fore power N The apparatus was inadequate but it was there and was having some infl
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