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HISB93H3 Professor Dowler Fall 2009 Lecture Note

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Wayne Dowler

OCT 20 N Ivan the Terrible has been regarded as an example of a tyrant N This vision however is not entirely accurate N There is a folk legend that Ivan was the Father of the people and he protected his people from powerful bureaucrats N Terrible means awesome N His reign is divided into three parts o His minority: he came to the throne at 3 years old (1533). His mother Elena ruled on ,;,38-0K,O1ZK03K0Z,8,.KLO/ o Second part began as his coronation as Tsar in 1546 (16 years old). It lasted until the death of his wife (1560) o The third part began after the death of his wife and extended until his death in o 1533 his father died o Elena was a competent ruler, appointed good advisors and with the help of the Metropolitan, she managed to rule capably. There was a good deal of rivalry among the boyars, Elena got caught up in the feud and she died mysteriously in 1538 o Because he was still do young, he could not rule, so the control went to Boyar Duma and to some important bureaucrats and the Metropolitan o The Boyars only thought about the benefits of their families come arising from 70O,9L438KL58949K074Z3%K0\/43980054Z079K74:JKL389L9:9L43,OL]L3J9K04\,7 Duma, rather they believe power comes through personal relationships o 1538, power struggle began between two Boyer factions for control over young Ivan o Little Ivan was used as a pawn during this struggle o Publicly, he was the prince and they treated him well o Privately, he was subjected to neglect and bullying o Ivan lived his life in isolation and fear with no parents to guide him o He led the sort of childhood that could lead to the development to a paranoid personality o Most paranoid personalities cannot fulfill their dream, Ivan could however because he is an absolute monarch (revenge fantasies) o In his early teens, he was showing signs of personal cruelty (he loved dog and bear fights, attracted to violence) o 1543, the townsfolk got fed up with the boyars so they staged a rebellion and killed off most of the leaders of one of the factions o It strengthened the second faction and it sobered them o As a result, the government settled into a good rule under the leadership of people such as Alexii Adashev was a state official and a priest name Sylvester o 1546, a Church council crowned him as Tsar (he becomes the first crowned Tsar in Russia) o ,;,3K,/L39039L43894J092,77L0/94,-4\,78/,:JK9072,77\L394,7L8974.,\ o Because personal connections were the key to power, the competition between boyars Z,81L07.0,894ZK48/,:JK907Z4:O/2,77\KL2 o Ivan sent out a circular, orderi3J-4\,7894-7L3J9K0L7/,:JK907894.4:799K0\Z070 examined)
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