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Michael Gervers

LEC02 2012202012Folklore story of king Solomon and queen of Sheeba rulers of Ethiopia needed to connect themselves further back in history found a way to clarify descent from king Solomon wanted legitimacyEach newcomer needs to come with legitimacy must have a backgroundIn Ethiopia history there was a change in leadership ruling class wanted to insure they were there before anybody else around year 1000BC Solomon and David ruledIn the old testament it refers to Sheeba seeking king Solomon for his wisdom in the Ethiopian account she has the child by him her son becomes the first king of Ethiopian Menelik the firstSheeba was accompanied by a handmaiden of whom Solomon gets them both pregnant give birth that the same time Handmaidens child becomes originator of the Zaqwe people who turn up in 11 or 10 century that leads to traditional Ethiopian history Sheeba associated in inland place in Yemen known as Sabba an ancient kingdom they were thriving based upon capacity to manage water supply built a major dam at a place called Marib part of Sabbain territory Queen went further north to find Soloman th Since the beginning of the 20 century the popular artists have produced comic book account of this story Storycommunity which is terrorized by serpent people must feed the serpent so they make sacrifices of sheep they get tired so they deicide to something about it they go to a tree which produces poisonous sap feed it to the sheep then to the serpent it dies Kingdom of Sheeba produces the Queen discussion go on in the community decided she must go and find Solomon they used to worship the sun now they are prepared to worship monopolistic GodSolomon introduces them to Judaism on the even of sheebas departure Sabba Solomon in vites her to a banquet lots of salt in the food Solomon makes an arrangement that he her handmaiden and sheeba all sleep in the same tent he says I wont touch you if you dont touch anything that belongs to me at one point the handmaiden is thirsty because of all the salt in the food handmaiden reaches up and drinks the water takes her to bed and then the same thing happens with Sheeba legend connects Ethiopians with old Testament belief history direct connection between Ethiopians and SolomonSabbain kingdom in Yemen most of passage of culture came to Ethiopia through red sea Eritrea holds all the costline to Djibouti Ethiopia is now land blockedEritrea and blank are the oldestAround 700 bc the sabians were sharing culture with Eritrea and tigray left buidings archaelogialcs sites writings on stoneAdwa defeated Italians 1835Adwa hills special they are volcanic there because the molten comes u from the center of the earth then cools then volcanic lava ash disappears the same time magnum cooled and left them solid blocks of rock that werent blown in the air core of volcanic instead of it being the outsideYeha corner of sabbian temple artifacts found in region Yeha is still standing because Christians thwhen they same in 4 century they turned yeha into a church already made a new religious building retained sanctity people did not tear it down well made best ancient buildings dates thback to 17 centuryAksum ancient capital founded by Menelik so they sayLalibela well known 11 churches carved out of or into the rock in many parts of eastern Christian world lots in Italy hundreds of them in Ethiopia Monolithic building rock cleared away leaving rectangle in the center carved to look like a standing church pure rock sculpture less vulnerable when it was built it was near Sokota capital of Zagwe kingdom this is in south western Tigry th Wukro Maskai Krestos Cave of 12 century site it also have stepped base back 2000 yrs Yeha rock cut structures dont need architects
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