march 16 lecture

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26 Apr 2011

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HLTB03H3Y: Foundations in Health
Department of Health Studies
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Winter 2011
Instructor: Anna Walsh.
Term: Winter 2011: Wednesdays 9 a.m.-11 a.m.
Lecture Room: Room HW216.
Phone: 416- 208-2700
Current Events
Environmental illnesses
Dr. Ed Napkee: joined the Canadian drug and food indictory
Adverse reactions to food and drugs especially vaccines need to be monitored
Vaccines and public health issues
Napkee an advocate in reviewing results to ensure our safety
Learning more about adverse reactions and programs being done
Threat of radiation in Japan is an issue for Canada as well because we also have
many nuclear plants that could lead to adverse effects could occur
Radiation being emitted from troubled reactors in northern Japan; danger
associated with radiation sickness in the short-term and cancer in the long-term
Chernobyl in Ukraine
Radiation poisoning is dangerous closer to the plants
Acute radiation sickness could die in weeks
Kind of radiation and how long were they exposed to (quantity and duration is
Radiation interferes with the body’s cells to divide and reproduce such as blood
cells, bone marrow, hair cells, reproductive cells, intestinal cells
Symptoms of radiation sickness
Severe form of radiation sickness report
Bloody vomit and stools
Weeks after
oHair loss
oLack of wound healing
oSkin damage
Risk of infection is greatest
Potassium iodide is treatment for radiation sickness
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oPeople take it for thyroid cancer
oResult of peoples’ fears especially ppl in BC went to buy out these pills
oPrimary help is for the thyroid and effects on the body are not altered by
taking potassium iodide
oRadiation therapy for cancer and increase white cell production to reduce
the risk of infections
oCancer is the biggest long-term risk and common form of cancer after
radiation exposure is thyroid cancer
Thyroid gland absorbs iodine from anywhere even radiation
contaminated air
Radiation exposure will increase the incidence of thyroid cancer by
Japan giving out iodine pills so that they body does not use
radioactive radiation from various sources
Leukemia was a risk for ppl who survived Chernobyl
Radiation causes dysfunction in cells and may also cause the development of
Premature aging
Increased risk of stroke and heart attacks
Risk for birth defects --- radiation causes genetic mutations
o Spina bifida and conjoined twins in Chernobyl
Genetic factors that can affect the birth of children
oKey findings that Aboriginal children in Canada and the fertility rate in
teens is 7 times greater than that of other Canadians
oIMR- 3 to 7 times higher on reservations than the national average
oApproximately half of Inuit children visit a doctor to each year compared
to other children
oPoverty: 1 in 4 Aboriginal children live in poverty versus 1 in 9 for non-
oFirst Nations child immunization are 20% lower than the general
oRisks of overcrowding, poor housing, water and lack of sanitation
oHealth spending is falling short to address the needs and standards of
health care to all children
Jordan’s principle
oAllow Aboriginal children to receive proper healthcare
oFederal and provincial dispute to provide treatment
oDied at the age of 5
In Ontario, Family Law Act Section 31:1
oEvery parent has an obligation to provide and support a child who is a
minor and is enrolled in full-time education
oDoes not apply to children 16 and over
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