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Lecture 7

HLTB15H3 Lecture 7: HLTB15 Week 7 Lectures slides-Qualitative Research

Health Studies
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Mana Razai

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Qualitative Research
o Used in concepts of health and disease in healthcare
o Useful in investigations of beliefs and practices regarding health,
prevention, treatment, and using other healthcare
Document Analysis
o Unsolicited: reusing what others have made, used, stored /
created by others
o Solicited: for specific research purposes (diaries or documents of
life) / researcher influences the way the document is made
Diaries: used in health-related research
record symptoms experienced
high risk activities
illness behaviors
Documentary research
o Researcher uses documents used by others and person who
makes document has full control and ownership of it
o Uses of documentary research
Documents readily available
Only available source of info
Need to minimize memory or recall problems
Captures experiences close to the time of their occurrence
(medical symptoms)
Documentary sources minimize intrusiveness (avoid
scrutiny/sensitive issues)
o Resources needed for documentary research
Unsolicited docs need to be located and accessed
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