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10 Apr 2012
- ‘systematic and rigorous process of enquiry which aims to describe phenomena and to develop
and test explanatory concepts and theories’
- It aims to contribute to a scientific body of knowledge
- It aims to improve health, health outcomes and health services
- Descriptive > cross sectional survey
- Prospective > longitudinal survey
- Find out information > qualitative methods
- Cause and effect issues > experimental design/
Health research:
- Focuses on information and understanding about health and factors that improve the health of
- Known also as research on health
- Experience of illness and peoples perceptions of health and ill health
Health systems research:
- effectiveness and efficiency of the health system
- concerned with imporving the health of a community
Health services research:
- relationships between health service delivery and the health needs of the population
Quality of care:
- effectiveness in improving the patients health status and how well it meets professionals and
the publics standards about how care should be provided.
- Effectiveness
- Acceptability and humanity
- Equity and accessibility
- Efficiency
Health technology research:
- health care interventions
- it is directed at the maintenance and achievement of quality in health care.
- Audit aims to improve patients outcome, to develop more cost effective use of resources and to
have an educational function for health professionals.
- Crtiteria for audit: issue addressed should be common, sigficant or serious problem, issue
relavant to professional practice or development
- It consists of reviewing and monitoring current practice and evaluation against predefined
- Divided into medical and clinical audit.
- Related to quality assurance
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