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10 Apr 2012
Types of Reviews:
‘synthesize the results and conclusions of 2 or more publications on a given topic
Overview / systematic literature review
‘comprehensively identify and track down all the literature on a given topic’
technique that combines pooled datasets from different studies and analyzes them in order to
reach a single observation for the aggregated data
Literature Reviews:
Major publications
Basis of theoretical framework
Proposed methodology
1) A conceptual framework and theoretical and empirical information
2) Major research findings, research questions, and gaps
Objectives of a Literature Review:
1) To broaden the knowledge base
2) Gives information on methods and procedures
Systematic Reviews:
‘scientific tool which can be used to summarize, appraise, and communicate the results and
implications of otherwise unmanageable quantities of research’ (CRD Report 4)
Published and unpublished ‘grey’ literature.
Aim: reduce bias
Why are systematic reviews important?
- Systematic approach in identification and evaluation of materials
- Objectiveness in interpretation
- Reproducibility
Steps for Conducting Systematic reviews:
1)set objectives
2)Develop Rationale
4)time chart and budget
5)Indentify sources
Devising the Search Plan:
Summary of the study
Inclusion and exclusion criteria
List of the appropriate publications
Sources and methods that will be used to identify materials
Brainstorm of associated or concepts related to the topic
Authors / institutions
Manually searching reference lists or indexes, bibliographies...
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