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Lecture 1

HLTB21H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Nayak (Title), Precautionary Principle, Health Promotion

Health Studies
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Suzanne Sicchia

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Fall 2015 Readings
Week 1: What is health/health studies? - September 8
Attached Files:
who_constitution_en.pdf (173.125 KB)
Required Readings:
1. Textbook, Chapter 1
2. WHO Constitution, page 1 ONLY (attached)
3. Smith, R. (2008). The end of disease, the beginning of health. This is a very interesting
JAMA blog entry! It is available online,
Week 2: An historic look at health, disease, and the body - September
Reading for Lecture 2 - History of Health+Illness.pdf (2.803 MB)
Required Reading:
1. Naidoo & Wills, 2008, Chapter 2 (attached)
Week 3: Population Health, Then & Now - September 22
Required Reading:
1. Textbook, Chapter 2.
2. WHO Presentation "Ten Trends in Global Health" - available online:
Make sure you view ALL of the slides in this WHO presentation - this content will
be on the mid-term exam.
Remember to bring your T-card to the exam.
Week 4: Health Care Systems - September 29
Strohschein+Weitz2013-Hx of HC in Canada.pdf (2.232 MB)
Strohschein+Weitz2013-HealthCareSystems1.pdf (1.481 MB)
Required Reading:
1. Strohschein & Weitz, 2013: Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 (available online)
Please Note: This is a fair amount of reading, so please give yourself enough time to get
through it.
Week 5: Investigating Health - October 6
Required Reading:
1. Textbook, Chapter 3. --- AS PER THE CLASS VOTE HELD ON SEPT. 29 THIS TOPIC
NOTE: We will be =nishing o> last week's readings AND doing an exam review in
this week's lecture instead.
Week 6: Reading Week - October 13
Reading Week: no lecture or tutorials scheduled Monday October 12 through
Friday October 16. Classes will resume on Monday October 19.
Please use this time to study for the mid-term exam, being held during our
regularly scheduled lecture on Tuesday October 20.
Week 7: In-class, mid-term exam - no tutorials or lecture - October 20
Content covered includes readings, lecture, and tutorial materials from September 8 through
October 6.
Week 8: Human biology and health - October 27 -REVISED
Naidoo+Wills-HumanBio+Health.pdf (2.404 MB)
Weir-CJPH-2010-Precautionary Principle.pdf (122.409 KB)
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