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Chapter 13-Tuberculosis
Verdi and Puccini are directors that employed heroines with TB due to being
attracted to them, flushed pale face,cherry red lips, tall and thin
Consumption(TB) nostalgia, depression, and excessive sexual indulgence, incessant
coughing, weight loss, intense pain
“The white plague”
-Pulmonary TB most familiar form (usa-80-85 %)
-Mistaken for chronic bronchitis with spitting up blood
-Organs affected: lungs, intestines, larynx, lymph nodes in neck, spine
Scrofula- swelling of lymph nodes
Pott’s Disease-defomation of spine and abscess, kidneys, skin
Tb of adrenal leads to Addison’s Disease
Miliary Tb small tubercles in the lung that look like millets and spread by blood
-Mycobacteria are nitrogen fixation bacteria
-M.Bovis , parasite of cattle, spine
-M.avium, found in immunosuppressed people , swollen glands in neck, abdominal
-Pharaohs show signs of potts disease and pulmonary TB
-TB developed from M.Bovis
-Hippocrates called the disease phthisis(to waste), believed in Evil air
-Aristotle thought it was due to bad and heavy breath
-Galen , in his time Theory of Contagion appeared
-Middle ages , kings and queen known to heal patients of scrofula by touching
known as Royal Touching or Kings Evil
-Franciscus Slvius 1679 described nodules in lungs as tubercles
-Benjamin Marten proposed of the contagion nature of TB , person to person
-16th century Epidemic England, 20th century North America
-17th century Rise due to rural to urban livings and town dairies which had
tubercular cows
-Victims of death showed incredible creativity and intelligence
North America
-Incan mummy shows potts disease even before Columbus arrived
-Old Bison found to have M.bovis
-urbanzation, immigration, poor hygiene, filth and population densities , inadequate
ventilation grew TB cases
-Anti-Semitism grew against Jews for infecting TB
-Bad air blamed so people moved to west sunbelt of US, Mediterranean , South
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