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Lecture 10

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Health Studies
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Toba Bryant

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Discourses on Lesbian/Bisexual/Trans Health, and Mothering 3/19/2012 6:00:00 AM
Study: Poor health outcomes more for immigrant women than men.
Study: looked at Somalia women and their migration pattern and how it affected their
Societal conversation on an issue, event, identify or other social phenomena.
Systems of ideas that affect practices, public policies, the experiences that people
with different characteristics go through.
Set rules by which we are encouraged to live by in different social categories.
Gender, sexual orientation, immigrant status, race, disability/ability. These are
ways we come about to certain groups.
They experience discrimination in different forms.
Gender and Sexual Diversity
Heterosexual and homophobia.
Discourse can exclude/renders health needs of gender and sexually diverse populations
Affects their social well being.
Female gender and as you keep adding to that (race, person of color, belonging
to another minority group like religion, social class) also contributes to
Health sector people assume them to be heterosexual and don’t ask appropriate
questions because of that assumption they make.
Transgender health is a new category.
Matteson wants inclusive public policy for these people in different identity
Top 10 Things Lesbians Should Discuss with their Healthcare Providers
1. Breast cancer
Lesbians have richest concentration of risk factors for breast cancer than any
subset of women in the world.
2. Depression/anxiety
Lesbians have been shown to experience chronic stress from homophobic
3. Heart health
4. Gynecological cancer
5. Fitness
Research confirms that lesbians have higher body mass than heterosexual
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