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23 Apr 2012

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Women and the Welfare State
Welfare states
Governments intervene into the social policies, programs, standards and regulations in order to
mitigate class conflict and to provide or accommodate certain social needs for social needs for
which the capitalist mode of production in itself has no solution or makes no provision.
Put into place after WW2 and the depression to protect its citizens. Fed, provincial and territorial
governments shared costs. Federal governments took of financial burdens from provincial and
territorial governments. Provided on basis of need as opposed to income
Ranking of Welfare State by Political Economy
Esping-Andersen Welfare State Regimes
Political economy perspective
Approach toward each dimension reflects the dominant ideology, ie. Liberal, social
democratic, conservative.
Esping-Andersen Typology of Welfare States I
Social democratic (e.g. Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
Liberal (UK, USA, Canada, Australia)
Conservative (Germany, France, Italy)
Esping-Andersen Welfare States II
Means tested assistance, modest universal transfers, and modest social-insurancfe plans.
Limits welfare benefits since it is believed generous benefits lead to a preference for
welfare dependency rather than gainful employment
{Source: Esping Andersen, G. (1999). Social Foundations of Post-Industrial
Economies. New York: Oxford University Press.
Anglo Saxon Liberal Regimes
Lowest health care expenditures and the lowest Coverage by public medical care.
Greater incidence of low wage earnings, higher income inequalities and the highest
poverty rates.
Greatest proportion of income derived from capital investment rather than wages
Lowest improvement rates in infant mortality rates from 1960-1996
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