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23 Apr 2012
Pharmaceuticals and women
Profile of the pharmaceutical
Money spent on drugs. 7% 1975 -14% 2007
Delay to entry of generic drugs. 1996 profits doubled in pharmaceutical sector.
Benefits of drugs
o Contributed to decline in mortality.
o Effective in reducing infections causing mortality.
o Mortality from HIV/AIDS people can live with it as a chronic condition, longer life.
Adverse Drug Reactions
10-20% of hospital admissions for people over 50
5% of all admissions to medical wards
15% of patients on a medical ward will have an ADR
Views on Regulation
Service to public
Medications are an essential element of healthcare
Service to industry
Medications as commodities
“Smart” Regulation – what is it?
Canada should “regulate in a way that enhances the climate for investment and trust in the markets”
Risk Management
Products can be marketed unless they are shown to be safe
Precautionary principle:
If products cannot be shown to be safe then they should not be marketed
What’s happening in Drug Regulation?
Speed of regulatory approval and changes in regulatory decisions.
Post marketing surveillance
Transparency in drug regulation
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