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23 Apr 2012

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HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
Winter 2012
LEC01, LEC02
Lecture 5:
Evidence and Women’s Health,
Human Rights and Feminist Political Economy
Next assignment still looks at the intersection. Gender anaylsis is much broader, looks at a whole
range of vairables to see how they interact. We will tbe talking about social detrminants of health
Look at cvd, range of income levels, by race itself. Cvd. Inquealitie? For men? Low income men
tend to be at the greates risk of cardiovascular disease. What direction would a gender anaylsis
Need a thesis and purpose statement. What are the key issues we are concerned with and what can
public policy do about it? Race, sexual orientation, diability. Social stratification.
Gba was only focused on gender, really an add-on to their tradional policy analysis techniques
Metacalfe foundation.
Past evidence has focused primairlyh on men. Women’s labors are rendered invisible. Women’ do
carry out labour however. Be it emotional or physical. Not recognized by the current forms of
analysis. Limited range of evidence of people being considered, women simply not getting
recognition. Page 171, evidence based medicine is baed on the diea that scientific knowledge exists
in some way uncontaminated by social life, ccan be applied without problem. Women’s issues are
not recognized in this quest. Often completely invisible in these processes. We need to recognize
htsi braoder context. Need to understand women’s issues, thet type of health issues that they deal
with or experience over the focourse of hteir lives. Within the videnced based medicine movement,
the fe focus on the quality of evidence has been based on Cochrane.
Positivism: scientific method, usually the experimental method. Very rational. Objective.
Quantification. Rational. Women and their experiences tend to be excluded, they are invisible.
Tradionatla male approaches are considered. Male only samples. But they concluded that women
would have the same symtpoms. But heart attacks differ as well, nausea nad symtpoms that men
don’t necessarily experience either. Women issues not recognized. Smypomts thought of as being
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the ssame, but they often were not. Much research h bias against men. Biomedical model cocerend
with what men, not concerned with women. Can lead to misdiagnosis and poor health outcomes.
Social disadvantage of aboriginal men, worse cases of diabetges compared ot aboroingail men and
more hwne compared to women.
I. Human Rights and Feminist Political Economy
a. Human rights
i. Political and civil rights: right ot life, freedom of opinon, fiar trial
ii. Protection from torture and violence
iii. Economic, social and cultural rights – ie right ot work, social protection
,adequate standard of living
iv. Highest possible standards of physical and metnal health, education,
enjoyment of benefits of cultural freedom and scientific progress.
v. Government has a role in acess to these resourfces, adding a legeal
framework. Fairness for all. Laborm arket, education. Etc. access to
b. Human right principles
i. Universal inherence
ii. Inalienability
iii. Inherent self worth of each individual
iv. Autonomy and slef determination
v. Euqlaity for all
vi. Preservation of freedom of indivdiaul thorugh social support
vii. Social justice famwork/elgal frewmaewok in o rder to promote social rights.
Right to work etc. social protection. Not allowed to fall below a certain
level. Ensuring that everyone has an optimal eleve l of physical and mental
helaht. Scientific progress. Need to be interested in removing barriers of
c. Health is not a business like any other business, there are lelemtns of the right to
i. The right to health is an inclusive right
ii. The right to health contains freedoms
iii. The right ot health contgains entitlements
iv. Helath services, goods and facitiiles must be provided to all without any
v. All services, goods, and faciilites must be avialibe, accessible, acceptable,
and of good quality. Needs to be good quality.
vi. Should not matter hwere you are or who you are .
vii. What they should not do is harm the poulatin.
viii. Concention of the leiminatoin of all forms of dscirimination against owmen
1. Commits governments to eliminate lal forms of discrimiantoi
against women by granting legal rights and equal opportunities
2. General recommendation no. 24 on women and health calls attention
to health needs and rights of women in vulnerable nad disadvantage
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