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23 Apr 2012
HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
Winter 2012
LEC01, LEC02
Lecture 8:
Women and the Welfare State
I. Welfare State Regimes
Liberal welfare states
Means-tested assistance, modest universal transfers, and modest social insurance plans
Limits welfare benefits since it is believed generous benefits lead toa preference for welfare
dependency rather than gainful employment.
commodification: people are more reliant on incomes to get what they need, state does not
Anglo-saxon liberal regimes
Lowest health care expenditures and the lowest coverage by public medical care
Greater incidence of low wage earnings, higher bonus inequalities, and the highest povertry
Greatest proportion of income derived from capital investment rather than wages
Lowest imrpovomeent rates in infrant mortality rates from 1960 – 1996
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Lots of people that have investments, invest on stocks and so on and earn interest, unearned
income. Also tend to have high infant mortality rates. Tends to affect the vulnerable
Social democratic regimes
Higher levels of union density
Higher levels of social secufrity and public empoylment expenditures > opublic health care
expenditures and > extensive health care coverage
Cradle to grave support
Full employment strategies, high rates of female employment, and lowest levels of income
inequality and poverty
Lowest infant mortality rates from 1960 – 1996
Other end of the specturrm compared to last one
More women working ni mainstream workforce, lower mortalitly than the liberal welfare
Decommodifaciton: less reliant on imncome to get the goods they need, state provides
Trust in te state to gie people wat tey need, not subsitie support. Loweset rate of infant
mortalities, fairly high life expectancy. Fairly comparable to Sweden surprinsgly. Men and
women live much longer, into their 80s
These are two extremes, social democratic is most generous, liberal is residual, ungenerous
Predictors of declines in fant mortality and increases in life esxpectancy in oecd nations
Increasing support for social democratic parties
Increase in the proportion of citizens voting
Increases in public health care coverage
Increases in the proportion of citizens emplyomed
Increase in female labour force participation
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