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23 Apr 2012
HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
Winter 2012
LEC01, LEC02
Lecture 3 Outline:
Gender and Diversity Analysis
I. Gender and Diversity Analysis
a. Gender mainstreaming: gender based analysis (GBA) – Canada
b. Federal plan for gender equality (1995): bring equality to policies. Address
women’s equality, eliminated oppression etc. new thrust within government and
policy analysis circles, pay more attention to gender.
i. all public policy areas
ii. women’s health strategy – 1999
iii. statements by UN and WHO, international forums, etc.
c. mainstreaming gender through “integrating a gender perspective in all legislation,
policies, and programs … (United Nations, 2000: 2).
d. Problem: pocus on gender to the exclusion of other forms. No focus on race or any
other htings. Another problem was there was a lack of true political commitment.
Was a political vacuum, and little commitment by others. Not much was done to try
and change that. Concern was that it was thought with a non-feminist perspective.
Not really taking bull by horns and realy dealing with the gender inequality out
there. Historically, women have fundamentally lacked [power, it is a concern not
serious, rendered invisible women and the work they do. Operssion occurred,
wmen’s mvoements took off in the 1970s. only to a point whoever. Wasn’t really
carried out wti hteh same feminist commimnetmnt that the owmen’s movement had
espousing. Sex and gender confusion. Sex is biology, gender is social construction.
Superficial attempt by most governemtns to deal with issues of gender.
e. What is gender equality?
i. Fairness, justice
ii. Focus on substantive equality: acocmodate differences and eliminating
oppression, subordination and material inequalities. If a woman has the
same level of education as a man, they should have the same level of
opportunities. If she is reacizilazed, she should also have the same number
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