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23 Apr 2012

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HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
Winter 2012
LEC01, LEC02
Lecture 6:
Gender, Race and Health
I. Impact of Gender on Health and Social Well-being
a. Gender and race: social constructs. They are constructs of inequality, denies them
opportunities for good health
b. Socially produced categories that enable society to make sense of the world.
i. Sex and Gender influence health and health care needs (medicalization of
certain conditions)
1. Sex-specific conditions eg reproduction, menopause, screening for
cancers specific to women, cancers specific to men (prostate and
testicular cacers
2. Health conditions prevelant among women eg breast cancner eating
disorders depression, hiv aids in men
3. Sex neutral diseasde or conditons heart diesae, diabetes
4. Women’s gendered roles –caregiving sex segration of labor force
participation in general and in health care demands of owmen’s care
giving responsibiltes, women’s average lower wages
5. Gender stereotypes in health care system may adversely affect
women’s health and ldeead to differential treatment
6. Overmeidcalizaiton of normal aspect of womne’s lives, pregnancy
and hcildbrith, menopause, bone density lose.
a. So in sum many normal conditions for women have been
overmedicalized, excpetion is cardivaoscular disease which
is indeed experienced differentlky. Women do have these
conditions related to heir biology,but for some reason it is
more analyzed and meiccalized in women
7. Just as women have stronger immune systems to protect them from
disease, women are more likely to get autoimmune diseases
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