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23 Apr 2012

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HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
Winter 2012
LEC01, LEC02
Lecture 9:
Immigrants tend to report poor health status compared to Swedish people in the population. Strong
association between immigrant status and poor health. Immigrants and gender perspectives, poor
health outcomes were more pronounced with women than men. The risk for cardiovascular disease
for Somalians, their migration can have effects on their health outcomes.
I. Discourses on Sexual Diversity
a. Discourses
i. Societal conversation on an issue, event, identity or other social phenomena.
ii. Set of rules which we use to think and act on.
b. Gender and sexual diversity
i. Heterosexism and homophobia
ii. Discourse can exclude/renders health needs of gender and sexually diverse
populations invisible.
iii. They experience discrimination from race, social class, can intersect with
sexual orientation.
iv. Health professionals tend to assume heterosexuality, so questions that are
asked are not always appropriate for the populations.
v. They will experience domestic violence as well and but the assumptions are
that the perpetrator is a male as well and not of the same sex. But sometimes
there is violence and other inappropriate behavior in same sex relationships.
Very few countries in the world will have policies targeted specifically
towards protecting homosexuals. They are inherently pathologized.
vi. Transgendered. They are treated as deviants in some way. Used to be
classified as a devieancei nthe DSM, people needed to be cured.
vii. Transgenedered feel like they don’t fit
viii. There are male/female binaries, and the assumption of heterosexuality.
There are certain ways we are expected to behave and then some seem to
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