HLTC05H3 Lecture Notes - Birth Weight, Coronary Artery Disease

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3 Dec 2012
FILM 4 When the Bough Breaks
Why do African American children weigh less/premature than
white children?
What accounts for the differences
SES differences b/w whites and African americans
Gap actually widens when SES improves maybe its lifelong
miniority status
Black female child bearing health
Whats behind low birth weight? Inequal treatment of African
americans in American society RASCISM is taking toll on
children, idea that is slowly gaining acceptance
Kim Anderson black executive/lawyer, well paid and good
health, newborn was premature by 2 months, 1/14 babies
have high risk of dying before age 1, high SES live longer
and fewer health probs
Best predictor for healthy pregnancy is high education
Infant mortality is a problem of white children too
High price of premature babies 2nd leading cause of death,
survival learning problems, diabetes, coronary artery
disease, high cost of medical care, 1 month stay in neonatal
care =60 000 dollars
African am women with college degree have worse infant
mortality rate than white women with hs diploma
Is it genetic? Prematurity runs in families?
o Study compared newborns of African women, immigrant
africans, and whites
o African immigrants to US, it takes only one generation
before their daughters have premature babies
o 1960s 70s health of africans improve overall,
education opps better jobs and housing by govts, began
to catch up with whites , mortality declined social
policies allow people more opportunity
o social programs cut back in 80s, impact on infant
deaths dramatic, continues to climb today
o kim Anderson? Why? Rascism as key factor women
who treated differently based on race have more than
2fold increase in low BW chronic stress by living day
in and day out with discrimination with being a miniority
reaction to situation to life that makes you anxious
body reaction, stress becomes chronic, over time it
creates wear and tear on body’s organs
o stress affects pregnancy outcomes in many ways
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