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HLTC05H3 Lecture Notes - Urban Sprawl, Global Health, Urban Planning

Health Studies
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R Song

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Lecture 11: Ethics, Human Rights and Health
The structural determinants of health rather than the proximate determinants of
The upstream effects of structural (ultimate factors) determinants of health
Privatized healthcare in Canada because of employers but we have a single-
payer system for health care that can be used by the public
Health is a right and not a privilege
Inequality exists because we allow it to exist and the human greed to get away
from this inequality is the fundamental quality of human societies across the
Those who benefit from inequality that kill
The need to look at the social actors of individual roles and not just think about
structural violence
The vicious cycle and the relation with TNCs
TNCs and the need for state regulations on safety and has to be a global effort
oBig national governments need to enforce those safety legislation
Cost efficiency and the marketization of medicine
oHealth is becoming a cost issue
Structural violence is a factor in all of the global challenges and significant health
oGlobal; overseas and within Canada; the anthropology of poverty
Why are people unequal and the differential health outcomes
because of inequality and impoverishment in societies
oMillennium Development Goals and reaching those goals by 2015
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