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HLTC05H3 Lecture Notes - Wour

Health Studies
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R Song

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Lecture 1
Course Overview:
The culture and the environment the body is living in and how they directly factor
into our biology
Less emphasis on genetic variation in this course and more emphasis on social
environments and the variation it creates
Using social determinants of health to determine variation in individual and
societal health
Applies to all countries and societies in the world
The health of children is key to understanding health in overall society because
they are the most vulnerable in mostly all societies
oWill be bringing up ancient case studies as examples; also documentaries
will be shown in class
The midterm is 30% and the final is 34%; contain multiple choice, short answer
and, fill-in-blanks. The quizzes are worth 16% and the written assignment is 20%
oThe assignment will be given on September 25, 2012
The two WHO readings are about how social determinants of health can be
popularized and promoted
In the third week, there is a film and the first iClicker quiz
Case studies by Paul Farmer: co-founder of Partners in Health
The Epidemiologic Triad= consequence of interaction between the host, the
pathogen and the environment in which we live in
oHolistic approach but what is beyond that?
oBiotic environment to physical environment to cultural-demographic
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