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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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HLTB01 Lecture 6June 21/10
Current events:
Have an issue inCanada with palliative care 9/10 canadians who die need palliative care
And this option is only available to 1/3 of this number
We need more information how to address HR, staffing to build better capacity for
palliative care for those who need it
17 recommendations made
Issue of bed bugs: Etobicoke general William Osler Health Centre are battling an
infestation of bed bugs in the mainfloor (emergency dept, staff lounge, and furniture in the
critical care unti)
2 staff members had bites
Said public was not at risk and patients can still go
Trying to convince us that this was not a risk
since 2004, we have had a big problem with bed bugs in Toronto
no legal legislation that forces hospitals to state whether they have bed bugs so we might
never know
people who scratch the bites can end up with an infection
not an easy problem to solve
suspect that it was a female patient (emergency room) was the source of the bugs
pest control company was hired to get rid of them take pesticide used 2 sniffer dogs
tohunt down the bed bugs
Oral health some people dont have the insurance to cover it not covered by OHIP
people in the city that are posing as dentists (basements) charging reduced fees to
individuals who wouldnt know how to check a license
if someone cant afford, can contact u oft, faculty of dental care, college of dentistry, can
also go to a dental hygienist
imp to know who is a licensed practitioner and who isnt
a link between good oral health care and cardiovascular system
study: individuals who brushed their teeth less than 2 times a day, they are at an
increased risk for cardiovascular infection
if you dont have teeth, cant get proper nutrition
old ladys (over 100) diet is similar to that of Okanawa, Japan their diet is very high in
grains, in veggies, and fish, low in eggs, dairy and meat people drink a lot of water
place in Japan where a lot of people are over 100
avoiding a lot of sweets allows you to avoid bacteria
another old lady does all of her own ADL and IADL does daily stretching exercise,
treadmill, bicycle, and a rowing machine
Okul Pratter 99 regular activity allows your longevity to increase
mental activity is imp watch shows like jeopardy
Our organs age everyday and as a result there are normative age changes that affects all of
brain carries blood to the heart
blood carries hormones, NT, peptides
heart is the centre of the cardiovascular system enclosed in the aracardium
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