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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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HLTB01 Lecture 7June 28/10
There was 1 geriatrician for every 5000 65+ - ratio is going to get worse
Have to deal with diabetes, dementia
Med school students who go in to geriatrics dont get reimbursement, not a popular field
2000 study at John Hopkins 20% of those 65+ have at least 5 chronic conditions
If we dont offer solutions to these growing problems we will all suffer
Lack of training will lead to a misdiagnosis
There is a disconnect between what the family doctor tells the patient just prescribe
medication dont look at the individual needs use Bandaid solutions quick
Dont have enough hours of homecare dont have enough human resources available
Geriatricians should be reimbursed with their time should be as important as other
13.7% of all Canadians 65+
3.7 million Canadians (55-64)
Cognitive impairment earliest manifestation of aging
4% of the population in Canada is experiencing mil cognitive impairment
15-20% of these follow AD (common cause of dementia)
People who have strokes might not be able to tell the difference between hot and cold
Elderly might have a problem with burning themselves, loss of sensitivity (problem with
handling little things buttoning)
Touch related impairment diabetic neuropathy with diabetes 2
Modest changes in smell (only 10% decline in textbook)
Hippocampus will tell us if were going to develop AD
One of the first symptoms to developing AD is loss of smell
Taste decrease in the sensitivity in our neurons
90% of men will lose their hearing, 30% for women
Tinnitus ringing in the ear
Can enhance our hearing exercise increases blood flow
Lens will lose elasticity with age esthiyopoia - difficult to look at things up close
People will develop stigmatism to distort vision
Less fluid in their eyes can get splinters in their eyes even an eyelash can scratch the
Carrots vitamin a for eyesight
Can treat a lot of problems with regular check ups
Aneurism vessels that ruptured and created serious damage
Patients with damage to the right side of the brain had speech in tact but left visual
Receptive ataxia difficulty understanding
Expressive ataxia difficulty speaking
Damage to broca expressive ataxia
Frontal lobe is responsible for our ability to fell inhibited
After the age of 65 can suffer from dementia can result from brain disruptions
Is it the plaques and tangles that cause it or an underlying disease
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