Lecture 8

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1 Mar 2011
HLTB01 Lecture 8July 5/10
Stress causes people to become depressed
Article McGill Laura Goody (2nd year of med) was inspired at a young age visited
causemodrome wanted to become an astronaut when in high school her grandma had
cancer watching the stress of her grandma going through the illness she decided to study
medicine still plans to pursue a profession in aerospace medicine took a stressful event
in her life as an inspiration
Medication affect the elderly differently than they affect us when we are younger
Current events:
A common mix of drugs may prove to be fatal to the elderly
Study: patients prescribed an antibiotic to those who also suffer from cardiovascular disease
tmp-smx (antibiotic) usually prescribed to the elderly who suffer from urinary tract
both this antibiotic and CV drugs increase potassium levels the combined effect is toxic
- hyper-palemia (high levels of potassium) can lead to abnormal heart rhythm cardiac
arrest and then death in the elderly
wasnt known before this can be easily avoided if doctors know about this risk can
prescribe a different antibiotic
We should have e-health so there are no paper trails of what medications/allergies a person
has esp if they have language barriers
Deal with stress to find links to our past to who we were to what our roles were
Every door is the right door 10 year strategy oct 2008 people dealing with mental
illnesses and addictions
Integrating these issues into a strategy to help these mental illnesses and mild to
moderate issues
sets out a framework to improve the health and well-being of Ontarians
lack of understanding with the mind and body reaction
rather than helping someone we condemn them
Forget about the mind and body connection the physical body affects the mental state
85% about getting to the age of 100 is based on our genetic endowment
Doctors can possibly find out the age when women go into menopause AMH (hormone
produced in ovaries) researchers in Iran
Everyboyds reaction to stress is different
People who suffer from too much stress can suffer from depression then have physical
Try to talk to someone about it but dont become a chronic complainer
Can escape from stress watch a movie, long walk, read a book
40% of people are less likely to laugh and are more apt to have heart disease
Type a peraonaltiy people who become aggravated and are hostile
Grief can lead to depression
Profs patient at risk of mental problems and physical problems kept ruminating about
her problem became depressed because of her husbands death after 52 years of marriage
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