Lecture 11

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1 Mar 2011
HLTB01 Lecture 11 July 26/10
Final will have more case study questions
Current events:
Canadian food inspection agency and dats (deli agency of montreal) dont eat smoke
meats, pepperoni, and others may be contaminated with lysteria
-Lysteriosis is a food borne illness affects ppl who are vulnerable such as the elderly also
affects newborns and ppl with weakened immune systems and pregnant women
-Pregnant women are 20x more likely to acquire the disease than healthy adults
-Lysteriosis is caused by lysteria monositogenesis lysteria can suvive and continue to grow
even when in the fridge
-Foods contaminated withlysteria will look, smell and taste normally
-Lysteria can be killed by proper cooking methods
-Dairy products, fish, meat and veggies common foods that lysteria contaminates
Ontarios crash stop hospitals more than 1/3 of ontarios hospitals (38%) spend more money
than they take in
-Can get a waiver if they come up with a strategy to re-balance the books (get rid of the
-hospitals are supposed to work within their budget
-the provinces hospitals receive 80% of funding from the govt and also receive funcing
through the lins
-more pressure on hospitals to get rid of ppl faster so they can save more money shifting
the responisibiltu to the comminutiy (home care support) very little home care support
available so more pressure on us to take care of it
-peterborough regional health centre, sault area hospital, and north bay general more
-northerns hospitals have more deficits than their southern counterparts
-payroll expenses are expected to seize a lot of hospital staff that are very unhappy
ranslates into the quality that were goung to receive
AD lifetime risk is 17% in women and 9% in men 10 million of the 70 million baby
boomers can expect to get AD realtes to US
-5.2 million Americans of all ages that suffer from AD
Mark twian: the fear of death follows fromt he fear of life, a man who lives fully is prepared
to die at any time
Having a full life, enjoying every moment htat you can,
ALS lou gherigs disease women suffering from it - mrs Rodriguez put in an
application to permit physician assisted suicide when her terminal condition would e no
longer bearable
-in 1993 her condition was getting worse believed we should have the autonomy/right for
our own death
-court didnt agree wither
-still holds and prohibits assisted suicide in Canada
-In the quebec college of physicians called for changes to be made arguesd that drs dhould
be permitted to have physican assisted sucide for imminent death
-majority of candaisns favoured the legalizarion of euthanasia past nov
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