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22 Apr 2012
HLTB01: Health, Aging and the Life Cycle
Health Studies
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Winter 2011
Instructor: Anna Walsh.
Term: Winter 2011 Mondays 3 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Lecture Room: Room AA 112
E-mail: hedy.walsh@utoronto.ca
BV 506 – mon 2-3 pm
March 14, 2011
Chapter 9. Mental Health: The Interface between Physical and Mental Health.
Institute of life course and aging. National initiative of the elderly.
-if they have musculoskeletal pains, it may be caused by depression.
-stress effects the body the most and laughing is the best cure.
VIDEO-Barack has a “senior moment”. Memory can be affected by a variety of
problems like mental and physical help.
-It could also be stress.
-a new study said that people in north America are not getting enough sleep. The
growing reason, is because of our use of computers laptops and other devices an
hour before going to sleep.
-95 percent of respondents used electronic devices before bed.
-kids 13-18 are the worst offenders.
-the reason is not only the activities, but artificial light over stimulates the brain and
doesn’t allow melatonin and as a result has difficulty falling asleep.
Doctor Samuels said that people are connected for 24 hours a day, because of all
these electronic devices.
-1 in 10 people are awakened by phone calls, emails or text messages almost every
we are being told that we should follow these suggestions and turn off our
electronics after 9 o clock.
Many people are relying on coffee to get through the day, they have to nap
frequently, and that their fatigue is affecting their family life, work life, and social
-sleep is important for the elderly and causes memory problems for old ages.
-besides stress, grief, and loss, medications, chronic pain (rheumatoid arthiritis) all
interfere with their ability to sleep. All this causes memory loss, so you need to
make sure you look their other problems.
- Falls are the common type of injuries. (1 out 5 admissions in the hospital are caused
by this)
- In ontario, we are dealing with budget problems. Look at health care budget of
hospitals. The government gave a 2 year wage free on the staff in order to get rid of
a 20 million budget.
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- Gets rid of service cuts
- If we lose staff for wage cuts we may not have enough staff
2) women who might have more than 1 serving of a sugary drink (orange juice) are
adding an increasing risk of developing gout (type of arthiritis- when uric acid
crystals accumulates in joints)
- diet free drinks dont count.
- 3) war can interfere with our memory loss and post traumatic stress. So it effects
their ability to function everyday. According to dr. Karim Nadar we can erase or
delate painful memories. (turning a traumatic memory into an ordinary memory by
using propranolol- beta blocker developed for high BP or angina, they can dull the
memory. If administered after a couple of ours of the event, the person would not
develop post-traumatic disorder.
- You don’t need to be old to have chest pains.
- You could avoid certain events from happening but somethings might not happen.
A south florida women was injured when a dolphin jumped into her charter boat.
- Exercise is a good way to get rid of stress, clears our mind, reduced rate of
cardiovascular incidents, lowers BP, lower cholesterol, more O2 in our blood. We
should get a life, build me time.
- Walsh took human bones from her anatomy class at home. And the bag opened on
the bus. Stress is a motivator, so it can make you do things that you thought was
- A doctor in tampa florida said to the class that the food that we put in our stomach
probably killed most of us. Fast food- msg, red meat-harmful, dangerous food- that
causes most grief is a wedding cake.
- When we have a lot of stress, it’s important to know how to laugh.
- Dr. Sigmund Freud- western scientific theory. Believed that neurophysiological
events we went through affect our personality. Personality and disease outcomes
are very much related.
Super creativity ego.
stress maybe part of everyone’s life, but the way you respond affects how you deal
with it. When we are in stress our immune system doesn’t work well, and more
prone to attract cold.
- Apprarently drinking less than 1 cup of coffee causes increase risk of stroke. Which
followed Swedish women and women who drank more had 20-25 percent of a less
type in Swedish women coffee stroke.
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