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12 Apr 2012
HLTB02 lecture 11
-socio-consequences: PTSD (adult and children), consequence of stressful event,
different from normal stress, chronic suffering, debilitating, 3 main symptoms of
PTSD, other symptoms affecting kids (fear, regression, sleep problems, social, lack
friendship, untrusting, education, nightmares, etc.)
-stigma and HIV: stigma with parents, with kids, due to fear/ignorance/lack
-stigma preventing people from seeking treatment, stigma goes beyond the illness,
AKA acquired income deficient syndrome, multiple stigmatizing labels lead to
-reduce stigma: education, availability of drugs, media (visual representation of
healthy and adjustable), good health, proximate exposure (reduce poverty, sexism,
-issue of mothers (vertical transmission): reduce HIV transmission to mothers
(screening, treatment during pregnancy) will reduce HIV transmission to children
-current conception: major concern
-neurological dysfunction in utero: spetrum of disorder (4 syndromes, vary effects)
-asperger: milder, normal, slight behave, Rett: female only, CDD: learn skills, lose
-neurological condition: due to neurological imapairment (in utero or in infancy),
affect brain areas
-umbrella syndromes of autism: classical ASD most severe, 18 months-2 years,
social and communication skills affected, varies significantly, sex bias
(males>females), genetic factor, chromosome abnormalities more common in
-problems in 3 aspects: play, social interaction with other children, inability to pick
up verbal and nonverbal communication, regressive type of autism (lose abilities
after reaching milestones-talking, walking, etc), * combination of all issues related
rather than just a couple symptoms
-causes: (Baker, 2008), medical and public understanding on autism, understand the
treatment, history of development: psychoanalytic (earliest-psychiatric condition,
parental factors, blame parents, specifically mothers), mainline biological (recent-
neurological dysfunction, physiological change, biological genetics, spectrum
impairment not dichotomous, rehab rather than cure cope with life and negative
consequences, early intervention very important), alternative biological (recent-
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