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Lecture 1


Health Studies
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Jason Ramsay

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January 10, 2010
Everything written in paper assignment should be in past tense
In this lecture:
1)Define childhood versus infancy
Natural history of the concept of childhood
Childhood is cultural artefact, whereas infancy is biologically determined
The Greeks had no real word for child, and childrens lives were pretty precarious
back in the days
What constitutes childhood has a concept?
oNeil postman argued once we had concept of shame that started to change
Now We try to protect children from certain kind of information and knowledge such
as sexual secrets
Early on Rome, there was a law preventing infanticide
oThe practice was acceptable if the child was deformed, female or in some
other way undesirable
The Middle Ages (also known as dark ages as we like to call it)
oLiteracy disappeared during middle ages. People couldnt read and write
because they were educated
Social literacy is what disappeared
Reading speed even among the literate diminished significantly.
Letters were very opaque
Business affairs were conducted aurally
Oral language develops much faster than written literacy
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