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Lecture 4


Health Studies
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Jason Ramsay

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Jan 31, 2010
Lecture 4
Assignment 1
Need article about child health development/child issues : Toronto star, in the first
few pages (the first section) there will be articles on development
It has to be a reputable news source (such as Toronto star, new Yorker, etc.)
Summarize it in a 1-1 ½ page
Then write in-depth critique of article using social determinant of health framework
Paper has to be in APA style!
Find sources and citing them
You have to persuade reader your argument ...Example -- Poverty has impact on
child intellectual development
Lecture starts
The Dutch hunger winter, 1994-95
During WW2, the advance to push the German army from Western Europe combined
with a very harsh winter to cut off most of The Netherlands from food supply
The Dutch had to severely ration food and scrounge for essentials
A famine ensued which last for a 5 month period
Retrospective cohort research shows that the famine had a profound effect on the
gestating fetus
How much food did they get?
Canals had frozen and food could not be transported overland
By November, 1944, rations had fallen to about 1000 calories per day
Between December 1944 April 1995, rations had fallen to 400-800 calories
Timing and development
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