HLTC24H3 Lecture Notes - Food Bank

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16 Dec 2011
HLTB04H3 Health & the Urban Environment
Health Studies, Dept. of Social Sciences
University of Toronto
Fall 2011
Lecture 2: What is Urban?
Population displosion – people from different backgrounds are moving into an area
Cities came before nations – city states were the most important in history
I. What is urban?
oSuburban areas within cities such as Scarborough, North York in the city of
oCity center and the outer area
oMost services are in the city – GTA such as public transit
oThe outer area has less public things, they has less public transportation and
more driving cars
oToday we have a larger city council which has changed over the years
Physical and social space
Geographically defined areas that are densely populated
Inner city and periphery
Centers for employment, industry, social and health resources – services, public
libraries, cultural venues (ex. museums), public transit, and other transportation –
Highly segregated geographic spaces reflecting inequality and unequal exposures to
risks that threaten human health
oMostly segregated by race
“Risk spaces”
Exposure to pollutants, toxins, noise, overcrowding, insecurity, crime, poverty
Health and Urban environment
What is Health? II
oMedical (Traditional) – absence of illness
oBehavioural (Lifestyle) – diet activity, tobacco, and alcohol use, etc. – Risk
oSocio – environmental – living conditions
Work with communities that are at high risk (ex. single parents,
elderly) to help them improve their quality of their lives
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