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2 Apr 2012

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Health Policy and Public Policy Studies
o How to promote health of the population - health care and health policy
Public policy plays a significant role in shaping health
o What is health policy? - Canadian federalism, health promotion and health status of the
country, health distribution and its resources. There are a lot of conflict between different
levels of the government.
Key issues in Canadian health care
o Access to health care - long wait times
o Aboriginal health
o Minority's health - language barriers when it comes to health services
o Aging populations health
o The social determinants of health - how that is not being raised as a key health indicator
rather the emphasis individualism.
What is health ?
What is policy?
o What is politics?
o What is government?
o How is policy made?
Consensus model
They tend to see the process as being rational, governments being very rational by
gathering up all the information they can and decide what they think the public
will want. What they "think" the public would want.
Conflict models
Believe that political process is conflict driven, it is politics, it is about ideology. It
is anchored in a set of values. What is going on behind the scenes? What is
shaping these policy outcomes?
o What is power? Why is it important? Who has it
o What is the differences between the market and the polis? Why is it important?
Its not just government that makes decisions there are institutions and stake holders that have their
own interest in health policy. Health is not static it is dynamic.
Romanow - he was the premier of Saskatawan - developed Medicare
What is health policy?
o Policy by government to address and identify health issues for gov to take action or inaction.
What is politics?
o Wherever there is people there will be politics. Not everyone will agree with one another
o It is also about strategizing - e.g. coalition to get their point across.
What is politics?
o Politics is a multidimensional
Politics as government: politics is primarily associated with the art of government and
the activities of the state
Politics as public life: politics is primarily concerned with the conduct and management
of community affairs
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