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2 Apr 2012
HLTC03H3 Politics of Canadian Health Policy
Health Studies, Dept. of Social Sciences
2012 Winter Term
Lecture Outline
1. Concepts of Society
Two concepts of society
Market model
That the market itself distorts relationships, and society's conscious.
It makes more conflict. It is an individual society. it’s a society where
you take care of your self b.c gov isn't going to do it for you. To
defend the market - is that it is full of ideas and profit and
competition is innovation of ideas and justification. US. Is a highly
market society.
Polis Model
This is what Aristotle and others argued is the ideal society. to make
decisions that benefit the society, more collective. Less about a tress
but rather the whole forest! There is conflict though, there is a tension
btw individual interests with those with the larger society. people's
preferences come from outside, they look at others and do what they
In a polis model, there is suppose to be more cooperation -e..g having
a public health care. (that means we share the risk, we alternate our
taxes for it)
Institutions is something the consists over time
Canada is drifting to a market model, it is more polis! But in U.S. it is more
individual, it is a market society. the market society is a more unequal society.
Four broad concepts of health
Medical (traditional)
It is individualistic approach, health is more about absence of disease. They want
to get to the problem of the cause and treat it. Its very expert driven. There is a
emphasis on the role of health professionals on making people healthy.
Is a biomedical approach
Leading health problems:
Disease categories and physiological risk factors
There is an emphasis that it is genetic.
Behavioral (lifestyle)
Unhealthy eating habits, all about health behaviors. It is very individualized. It
also adds, prevention.
Health concept: health as energy, functional ability, disease-preventing lifestyles
Leading health problems: behavioral risk factors e.g. smoking, diet, fitness etc.
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