HLTC43H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Living Wage, Proportional Representation, Unemployment Benefits

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6 Apr 2012
Lecture 11: The Future Health Policy and Health Care in Canada
Polis vs. market
Welfare state
Social determinants of health
Future directions
Polis Versus the Market
Welfare state of community
Share risk across population
Minimize inequality
State intervention to ensure quality
o Polis is about society caring about family and it’s about equity.
o State makes sure there is access to certain goods. Aim is to
reduce poverty and inequality.
o Canada has been more of a polis than the US.
Role of political ideology Neo-Liberalism
Minimal state role “Freedom from government”, deregulation.
o US is a market driven society.
o High inequality.
QueenSenateHouse of Commons
Supreme Court of CanadaFederal Court of Canada
Provincial Courts
The State in Modern Society
Legislative, executive and judicial institutions.
Canada, UK: overlap between Cabinet, Parliament (Lower House),
Upper House (House of Lords UK), and Senate (Canada).
Municipal, provincial and federal governments have role in health
o All levels of government have a specific role in health. At the
municipal level it’s public health.
o Have to deal with vaccine and sanitation. Things to do if
epidemics arise.
o Delivering health care.
o Provincial and territorial governments to pay for these services.
o Provides direct services only to Aboriginals.
o It collects more money so collects more taxes and cost-sharing
health care in the provinces and territories.
o Lester B. Pearson said provincial and territorial governments
should split cost 50/50.
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