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17 Apr 2012
HLTC03 week 2
Box: 1.6 concepts of society Market model polis model
1. Unit of analysis Individual community
2. Motivations self-interest public interest (as well as self-
3. Chief conflict self-interest vs. self-interest self-interest vs. public
interest(commons problems)
4. Source of people 's idea and preferences self-generation within the individual (influences from
5. Nature of collective activity competition co-operation and competition
Four Broad Concepts of health
-Medical ( traditional)
-Behavioral ( lifestyle)
-Socio-Environmental( societal)
-Political Economy ( structural-critical)
Concepts of Health:
Medical Approach I ( traditional, Biomedical)
-Health Concept: Biomedical
-Leading Health Problem:
Disease categories and physically
Behavioral lifestyle
Box: 1.1 What is politics?
Politics is multidimensional.
-Politics as government : Politics is primarily associated with the art of government and the activities of
the state.
-Politics as public life: politics is primarily concerned with the conduct and management of community
-politics as conflict resolution: Politics is concerned with the expression and resolution of conflict
through compromise, conciliation, negotiation, and other strategies.
- politics as power: Politics is that process through which desired outcomes are achieved in the
production, distribution, and use of scarce resources in all areas of social existence.
Source: Bambra, C., Fox, D & Scott-Samuel,A. (2005). Towards a politics of health. Health promotion
international , 20 187-193
Towards a politics of health
-Health is political because, like any other resource or commodity under a neo-liberal economic system,
some social groups have more of it than others.
-Health is political because its social determinants are amenable to po
Towards a politics of health
Health = health care
“Health is often reduced and misrepresented as health care ( or in the UK, as the National Health
Service). Consequently, the politics of health becomes significantly misconstructed as the politics of
health care.” (p189)
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