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17 Apr 2012
Women’s College Hospital Case Study Perceptions of Knowledge
Traditional and participatory approaches to knowledge.
HSRC: Empirical/traditional knowledge
Disciplined approach to knowledge legal analysis:
“Legal analysis of a situation is precise, and the format you have to develop to do a legal case is a very demanding format ...
requires a lot of information gathering and information synthesis...” (Participant 4)
Tenants Protection Act Case Study
Removedrentcontrolandothertenantprotections provided by the bills it replaced
AmendedOntarioHumanRightsCodetoallowlandlordsto use income criteria to screen potential tenants.
Ontario Supreme Court judge ruled against provision.
• Legal analysis and argumentation • Tenant representatives: Unsuccessful • Women’s College Hospital : Success
Conclusions Women’s College Hospital
Hall’stypologydoesnotfit. Conservativegovernmentdidnotprivatizehealthcare.
Governmentincreasedstatecontrolofhealthcare. Controlhealthspending.
Conclusions: Tenant Protection Act
Replacedrentcontrolwithvacancydecontrol FundamentalshiftinOntariohousingpolicy Why?
Housingpolicy:morevulnerabletopoliticalideology. Government’sneo liberalpoliciesprevailed.
Publicexpectationthatpeoplecanpayfortheirown housing.
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