HLTC43H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Copayment, Palliative Care, Regional Health Authority (Uk)

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20 Apr 2012
Deborah Stone: Markets and the Polis
- Contrast between political and market societies
- Market society grossly distorts political life
- Polis is the preferred political society
- In the market society there is more concern about the economic growth and see people as
maximizing their own good
- Polis is the larger community interest or collective will
- Concept of polis came from ancient Greek though; slaves of women weren’t allowed to vote;
but now there is right to vote for everyone
Key Aspect of Public Interest
- Individual vs. Collective Interests
- Impact of market and polis on health care reform
Myth: Parallel System Reduces Waiting Time
- Where do private systems doctors come from?
- Who benefits?
- Who supports it?
- Why do they support it?
- Are these issues adequately covered in public discussions? To what extent?
- What kind of solutions are being considered?
Three Major Reports on Health Care Reform
- Clair Commission (Quebec)- Emerging Solutions (Jan 2001)
- Fyke Report (Sask) Caring for Medicare (April 2001)
- Mazankowski Report (Alta) A Framework for Reform (Dec 2001)
- Kirby Report The Health of Canadians
- The Romonow Report
Three Major Reports?
- What are the main recommendations?
Mazankowski Report I
- Fundamental changes in how we should organize and deliver health care services …and… in how
we pay for health services (Exec. Summary)
- Public spending is not enough
- Direct payments by citizens
- Funding Mechanism
o User frees
o Premiums, deductibles, co-payment
o Taxing people for use
o Medical savings accounts
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