HLTC43H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Northern Health, Monopsony, Health Human Resources

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20 Apr 2012
Lecture 8:
Fyke Commission: Caring for Medicare (2001)
- Carried out in Saskatchewan
- Interdisciplinary Primary Health Services Networks health care providers community and
emergency services
- Integrate hospitals and other care facilities into PHNs
- 25-30 PHCs and Community Care centers across Saskatchewan
- Health Districts
o Organize and manage Primary Health teams
- Contract with specialists
- Provincial plan to develop and deliver quality specialized services
- Consolidate tertiary services in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert
- Wanted to strength the program in Saskatchewan
- Network of 10-14 regional authorities to deliver acute and emergency care
- Northern Health Strategy address needs in remote communities
- Health services delivery for aboriginal communities
- “…structures dialogue between federal and provincial governments” and representatives of
Aboriginal population on health service delivery
o He wanted to help the aboriginal people but it meant that the federal government had
to get involved
Clair Commission Emerging Solutions (2001)
- Group practices of 6 to 10 physicians for comprehensive 24hr/7 primary care
- Enhanced role for nurse practitioners in community-based health centers (CLSCS Centres
Locaux de services communautaires)
- Core components:
o Prevention
o Primary care
o Special needs services for seniors
o Specialized services
o Public financing
o Funding from private sector (for-profit, non-profit), unions, health care professionals,
public, charities, and federal and provincial governments.
He is willing to entertain some private funding
Models of Society
- Federal HR Reports:
o Romanow
o Kirby
- Provincial HR Reports:
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