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Health Studies
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Dan Silver

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General Guidelines for Leading Class Discussion
HLTD02 Winter 2012
Note that each chapter may contain several sections
Consider first presenting the main points from the reading thinking about it from the perspective
that your best friend is in the class and that you to be most helpful, sharing the most important
information in a clear and concise way
Prepare some questions for discuss that are relevant to understanding and applying the reading
If another person is assigned to lead on the same day as you, you must talk with each other to
determine how to present the readings. There are several different approaches you may take as a
team including: having each person present a separate section, having each person cover all
sections but one takes the pro side and the other takes the con side, one person focuses on details
while the other covers more general, one person presents the summary and the other leads the
questions. There is not one right way to present and it may be important to consider what is
appropriate to that weeks readings.
Consider reading over the one-page submissions of other students from the Discussion Board in
Blackboard before you present
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