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Lecture note 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 2 September 152011 HLTB03H3Health Policy and the Canadian Health Care SystemOutlineHealth statusThe Canadian health care systemHealth policyHealth expendituresHealth statusindicatorslife expectancyinfant mortalityeconomic status o because of stress access to foodhousing o overcrowding can lead to more contacturban vs rural o living cities means more access to high number of doctors and quality health services o people living in the rural experience a better and cleaner environmentagegender o women tend to live longer but tends to get sickerworkplace risks o people who work in the hospitalnurses doctors tend to be more exposed to sickness and injuriesLife expectancy average of 80 years old life expectancy on Canadian peoplethe length of time that the acerage member of a given cohort is expected to livecohort can be determined by gender provincecountry etclonger and longer life expectancy that has implications for the health care system optimizing the number of years that we can live especially in good health
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